More Than a Pep Rally


Rachel Dickerson, Reporter

Homecoming is meant to bring students together to show their spirit at football games. For years students have rallied at the games and cheered for the team, while also honoring the Varsity Football and Cheer teams.  

Students come to show their support and then leave once the game is finished to their own lives. But shouldn’t there be more than just a game to unite the student body? And not just the student body, but the community as a whole?

This year, Wakeland has decided to add a few special features to the Homecoming game. 

“This year we are combining Homecoming with the Community Pep Rally so that Homecoming can feel more like a community event,” Homecoming Pep Rally coordinator, Kristina Steinhauser said.

The Community Pep Rally usually has booths and games for the community to stop by and have fun. With the combining of events, the Homecoming Pep rally will feature the Wakeland football game as well as several booths outside of the venue for people to stop by on their way to the game. 

At first, it might seem like too much for one high school pep rally, but it truly isn’t. Due to the large class size, Wakeland can only have two grade levels attend at a time. In addition, parents and family are normally not allowed to participate in the Homecoming pep rally. 

Hosting the pep rally at a larger venue where the community is encouraged to attend creates a united and entertaining atmosphere, which is what Homecoming is all about. 

But the combination of pep rallies isn’t the only change this year. 

“We are honoring all seniors across all sports,” Steinhauser said. 

Typically only the senior’s football and cheer are honored, but the goal of this year’s homecoming is to create a united community. Every varsity senior in fall sports will be honored and presented at the homecoming game during halftime. 

Adding other sports allows the whole community to honor the seniors and the hard work that they have put in during their four years at Wakeland and celebrate their steps forward. 

Overall, this pep rally is about building a community outside the student body. Come to the Homecoming game on Thursday, October 20 at 7:30 pm to be a part of the festivities and community!