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Junior’s directing project postponed due to weather

Grace Halverson, Copy Editor

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While she sat in her AP Physics I class, junior Ariana Martinez tried to ignore her phone blowing up next to her on her desk. However, when over the course of ten minutes, her phone buzzed 52 times, she knew she had to see what was going on. Messages were pouring in from friends, her mom and even her teachers, and they all said the same thing – because of the incoming potentially severe weather, FISD had called off all after school events. This meant her Independent Study and Mentorship original work presentation, her rendition of the musical “The Last Five Years,” was cancelled.

“I was just sitting there, daunted already by the amount of work I have to do, and then I’m like, ‘Don’t cry, Ariana, this isn’t happening,’” Martinez said. “I asked to be excused, and I rushed down with my binder and agenda and spiral notebook, and I sat down in Mrs. Howe’s and Leffel’s office, and we spoke for about two and a half hours trying to find a date that would work.”

After running around the school, asking her company what days would work, struggling to schedule around AP exams, requesting permission and getting denied, Martinez decided to hold her performance during second period May 17. However, the problem with the weather was the third event in a series of setbacks.

“Right as we were almost ready to start dress rehearsals, I had a cast member back out,” Martinez said. “It was difficult to deal with, just because of the time sensitive situation. My cast, I feel, though, benefited from it because my show grew and it forced me to think outside of the box, and it forced me to dig deep into my creative abilities and just come up with a new show, but still keep the main idea that I wanted throughout.”

With her focus on directing and integrating film techniques with live theatre, Martinez had spent almost eight months planning, designing and rehearsing her production. But right when Martinez was ready to get her show on the stage, she hit another bump in the road.

“I was technically granted rights by the publication company, however they wanted me to do the show by the book, and my whole entire study was to go against the book, and go against the mainstream idea of what theatre should be and what live performances should be,” Martinez said. “And so I couldn’t agree to those terms, simply because that would be going against my entire study.”

Because of this, the presentation went from a public performance to a private workshop for Martinez’s mentors. Though she’s worried about the lack of rehearsal time due to end of the year activities, Martinez remains confident in her company’s ability to pull through.

“I’m a very controlling person,” Martinez said. “More than I’d like to admit at times, and having to put my trust into just the universe right now is just, it’s made me realize how far I can really go.”

While practicing in what was supposed to be the final dress rehearsal, senior Summer Perrin sings "Still Hurting" at the top of the show.

While practicing in what was supposed to be the final dress rehearsal, senior Summer Perrin, who plays Cathy Hiatt, sings “Still Hurting” at the top of the show.

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