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San Antonio Voters Prepare for November

Latino community speaks out.

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Following the debate last Sunday, the 2016 election season is quickly coming to a head. Enthusiastic Americans are preparing themselves for Election Day as presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton race to gain their support.


“I think people are very passionate about what’s happening right now,” San Antonio inhabitant  Sarah Levings said.

San Antonio is well-known for its rich Hispanic heritage and cultural activity. Hispanics and Latinos constitute around 60% of the population of Bexar County where San Antonio resides, making it the largest county in Texas with a Latino majority.

Latino issues have been given a spotlight in the 2016 election, especially concerning immigration policy and previous comments which Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has made in regards to Hispanic immigrants.

“When he says ‘Make America Great’, he means he wants people like myself to be put into the same place we were before John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson,” Latino resident of San Antonio and Hillary Clinton supporter Don Roman said.

Despite a Democratic majority, voters in the community are readying for a trip to the voting booths on behalf of both sides of the election.

“As a Latino, I have to go with Trump,” San Antonio local Joseph Hernandez said. “I am very concerned about the drugs that are coming over, the amount of funds that are going into supporting the people that are coming over, and the taxes that we’re paying.”

As the Nov. 8 election day draws nearer, the people of San Antonio have proven their eagerness to cast their ballots. Voter registration numbers in Bexar County have surged to record numbers, with 118,000 more registrations than in 2012.

“I’m glad,” Hernandez said. “We need to take a stand. Everybody’s got to vote their choice and I believe that’s a freedom we have.”

San Antonio City Hall

Regardless of political preference, it is apparent that the voters of San Antonio will be using their right to vote in hopes of making the nation a better place.

“Our most important issue is the economy, and also peace around the world,” Roman said. “I think that those two things are very important to the American people and to myself.”


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San Antonio Voters Prepare for November