Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Duenwald


Avery Necciai, Reporter

Across the hallways of Wakeland High School teachers and staff spend their days focusing on educating their students; learning about the children that occupy their classrooms.  After the continuous hours and energy each staff member provides us, it’s time we know more about them. This week we focus on the notable teacher, Mrs. Duenwald.

After six years of teaching English at Wakeland Mrs. Duenwald has become well known throughout the school. Students spend their free time in her classroom chatting, and gathering together. 

“I want my classroom to be family oriented where everyone can speak their mind,” Mrs. Duenwald said. 

Mrs. Duenwald graduated from the University of Kansas majoring in journalism. After her four years in college she worked in advertising for a few years, but decided to change her occupation to teaching. Her love for kids and education brought her to Wakeland. 

“I love the students. They get me excited to teach,” Mrs. Duenwald said. 

There is no doubt that Mrs. Duenwald’s students have the same love for her as she has for them. If they ever need advice or even a friend to confide in, she is the person to go to. 

“I loved Mrs.Duenwald as a teacher because she was so compassionate and invested in her students’ learning. It was amazing to see that individual attention from a high school teacher,” said Jayden Rodriguez, a Wakeland senior. 

At the beginning of the school year the new grading system was introduced. Thoughts on discarding minor grades were spread by not only students, but staff as well. 

“I do not think that the new grading system is helpful for students that are getting ready for college because of the retesting protocols,” Mrs. Duenwald said. 

Despite the challenges that the new school years bring, Mrs. Duenwald’s dreams for her students will never change.

“ I hope that my students will learn how to be kind, respectful, and responsible,” Mrs. Duenwald said. 

Students and staff throughout the campus have continuously loved Mrs. Duenwald, and the energy that she has brought to the school. She will always be remembered as the good in Wakeland because of her loving personality, and big smile. 

Thank you, Mrs. Duenwald!