Striking Their Way To Regionals

Wakeland's First Ever Varsity Bowling Team

Caleb Stovall, WIN-TV Reporter

Striking their way to regionals, the Wakeland Bowling Team faced schools from around Texas in their inaugural season.

The regional tournament pitted each team by bowling multiple bake-style games. In these baker games, the 5 players had two frames to bowl in to help their team the best they can.

Zachary Sullen, the captain of the bowling team and bowling enthusiast, had a tournament of his own in the singes format. In this, he faced many other singles from many other schools playing five normal games trying to get the highest score he can. Zachary ended up making eighth place in his tournament barely missing the cutoff to make it to state.

Although the team ended up placing last place in the tournament, the team is planning to keep getting better and making it back to regionals next year.