Persistence pays off: How Wakeland students navigate AP Exam preparation

Persistence pays off: How Wakeland students navigate AP Exam preparation

The nearing of AP exams has many Wakeland students cramming to prepare. Through these exams, administered by College Board, students can showcase their mastery in a variety of college-level courses with the chance of gaining college credit. With all of their learning leading up to this moment, stakes are high and expectations are higher.

One of the most common strategies used by Wakeland students is diligent studying. “There are a lot of resources available on Fiveable that I’ve been using to study for AP Physics,” junior Iman Adil said. “I’ve also been reviewing course material provided by my teacher over the year, which I find really helpful.”

However, AP exam preparation goes beyond mere content review. Students who score well on the exams also possess good time management and test-taking skills. “To prepare for the AP Lang exam, I’ve been doing a lot of practice timed writes to ensure that I can write essays in the time allotted on exam day,” junior Julia Hosanna said.

In addition to individual study, many students benefit from seeking support from teachers and peers. “When I don’t understand a concept, I set up a meeting with my teacher during lunch,” senior Will Hamilton said. “These meetings have really helped me study for the AP Environmental Science exam.”

The preparation for exam day is a stressful time for many, so it’s important that students prioritize their mental health in the weeks leading up to exams.

“I’ve been making sure that I balance my study time and self-care time,” junior Lola Jimenez said. “When exam prep becomes too much, I meditate or go for a run to take my mind off of things.”

As the countdown to exam day begins, students are channeling their efforts into diligent preparation. While exam preparation may look different for each student, one thing is certain: the hard work and commitment of Wakeland students will pave the way for a brighter future.

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