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WIN-TV Episode 10

WIN-TV April 10, 2024

On this episode of WINTV - a look at safely streaming the eclipse, academic accomplishments, and a comprehensive celebration of spring sports in this month's Wolverine Replay!

WIN-TV Live Episode 9

WIN-TV March 30, 2024

On this episode of WINTV: An emphasis on breakfast, the history of Girl Scout Cookies, what's in the drinking water, and Wakeland Soccer makes the playoffs.

WINCAST Episode 6: Desert Planet Hype- A Dune Sequel Preview

Kieran Orleans and Julian Rabago February 23, 2024

The sandworms are back! Get ready for more action, intrigue and desert as we dive in to a discussion with Julian and Kieran about the highly anticipated Dune: Part Two. Join Julian and Kieran, two...

WINCAST Episode 4: Level Up! With Gracie and Austin

Gracie Bueno and Austin Wilson February 22, 2024

Today we're talking about how Wakeland students can improve on their Fitness habits for the new year.    Gracie Bueno asked fellow WINTV reporter and varsity football player Austin Wilson how...

WIN-TV Live Episode 8

WINTV February 14, 2024

On this episode of WIN-TV: recycling and reducing waste at Wakeland, this month’s Wolverine Replay, and a challenge not for the faint of heart.

WINCAST Episode 3: Behind the Scenes

Alexis Anderson and Vihaan Kalidindi February 11, 2024

Agents of Organized Chaos Alexis and Vihaan take you behind the scenes of two of the most memorable WINTV moments of the season - a visit from Santa and a triumphant return of a popular video game. Take...

WINCAST Episode 2: Is Homework Really Necessary?

Landon Patten and Kareena Varughese February 9, 2024

Landon Patten, Kareena Varughese and Julian Rabago of WINTV explore the pros and cons of homework in high school.

WINTV Launches Podcast Network

WINTV and Brody Drake February 8, 2024

The Wolverine Information Network (WIN) is expanding from TV into podcasts! Students are taking their broadcasting skills to the next level with the launch of their own podcast network called WINCAST,...

Recyclops Founded to Boost Recycling Efforts

Eva Sachdeva, Vihaan Kalidindi, and Kara Kirk February 7, 2024

"There's so much plastic around Wakeland! It's a huge problem." Chloe Coya is passionate about ramping up efforts to reduce waste and boost recycling. The Wakeland student and Family, Career and Community...

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