Trick-or-Treating, On The Town

Safety Town Opens Its Doors To Trick-Or-Treaters

Nathan Winkel, WIN-TV Reporter

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An hour-long line filled with eager trick-or-treaters, stretched around the street, of Frisco’s Safety Town.

On October 26th at 6 PM, The Frisco Fire Administration opened the doors of Safety Town to trick-or-treaters. According to their website, Safety Town is “an educational facility” that focuses on “teaching students how to prevent injuries and stay safe.” This facility includes four separate divisions: classrooms, an interactive fire engine, a “safety house” containing rooms similar to that of an actual house where “children learn about home safety and severe weather,” and the namesake miniature town with buildings resembling local businesses and landmarks. In this section, students “explore the area on paved roads, which includes street signs, working traffic and crosswalk signals, and a toll booth.”

Every year, they hold an event where young trick-or-treaters can venture around the town and get candy, much like actual Halloween, as well as get temporary tattoos and the chance partake in the safety house evacuation section. Since there was expected rain on Halloween, families from near and far came for an opportunity to trick- or -treat, rain-free. The event was so popular, the line to get in wrapped around the entire building.