PGA Moving Headquarters to Frisco

How the move will impact Wakeland?

Ian Gonzalez, Katie Peters, Nicholas Rejda and David Schager, WIN-TV Reporters

Dust off your golf clubs, and hop on your golf carts because the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, also known as PGA of America, is moving their headquarters from Palm Beach County, Florida to Frisco, Texas! According to PGA of America, by the summer of 2022, Frisco will be home to a 600-acre field featuring multiple golf courses, clubhouses, parks, office spaces, and practice areas!

Originally founded in 1916 by Rodman Wanamaker, PGA of America devotes its work to their long-standing motto of serving the members and growing the game. Once the facility is up, PGA of America plans to stand by their motto and allow more than 300 FISD high school golfers to practice at the resort on a weekly basis. Also upon the opening, PGA of America announced that they will employ at least 100 people for their facility. Stated by PGA of America, “the golf courses are expected to open in summer 2022. The hotel, convention center, and other facilities are expected to open within six months of that date”. Although that date is a little far away, PGA of America also prepares to expand their business even further by teaming up with Omni Stillwater Woods (OSW). Together they will create the dream facility by adding a 500 room Omni resort and a 127,000 square-foot conference center to the headquarters. Explained best by Mayor Jeff Cheney, “not only will this signature development change the future of Frisco’s northern landscape, it will transform the sport, growing a new generation of pros, fans and golf enthusiasts”.

Even though it is a few years away, PGA of America works hard to fulfill its expectations as they move into their new headquarters. In the meantime, lace up your shoes, strap on your gloves, and start practicing because the year of 2022 will be an exciting time for Frisco.