Mayhem on Main

Road Construction Requires Wakeland Drivers to Drive with Caution

Noah Mack, WIN-TV Reporter

Cars are beeping and bustling as they work their way through the fragmented road, the incessant clatter of several construction vehicles moving up and down the sides of the street, the smell of sawdust spreading through the air as workers slice through plywood. The current state of Frisco’s Main Street has moved beyond inconvenient and is taking a toll on its frequent users. 

Main Street, between the Dallas North Tollway and FM 423, has been undergoing a major reconstruction period that has cut off and blocked certain areas, making it difficult and irritating for Frisco patrons to navigate their way. Many Wakeland High School students are impacted by the ramifications of this inconvenience. Sophie Knowles, a senior at Wakeland, explains that the construction has changed her morning commute “there are definitely alternate routes, [for example] you can go through neighborhoods.” When driving to school, she avoids using Main and tells us that she recognizes that the construction “backs people up and causes delays.” The conditions that are present on Main Street seem to be a common frustration that Wakeland students endure during their commute to school. However, there are more negative effects that derive from this consistent alteration of Main than just simple user dissatisfaction.

Sam Elwell shares a story that proves that the modifications to this roadway are dangerous and can pose a threat to our students. Elwell says he “got into an accident over the summer on main, whenever the construction was really bad.” He also tells us that because of the surge of construction around the area “people were being hectic drivers” and that was the reason that he happens to rear end a woman in front of him. Elwell’s personal experience substantiates the fact that Main has the potential to be a risk to our Wolverines that frequent the road.

As it stands, Main Street will continue to be subjected to this constant renovation and Wakeland students will continue to be subjected to it’s aggravating hindrance and possible danger. All that can be done to keep our Wolverines safe is to always be cautious and attentive.