Rising Freshman Night 2019

Noah Mack and Annie Peters, WIN-TV Reporters

Imagine crowds of soon-to-be freshmen packed in the cafeteria, auditorium, and the gymnasium. Cycling through the mass of tables and their sponsors, the current middle schoolers and their parents observe and listen with bright faces as they stare at what will soon be their future here at Wakeland.

Despite the fact that there still four months until the end of the school year, the next one is getting ready to begin! Here at Wakeland, schedule cards have already been sent into the counselors, but for the incoming freshmen, a different start was taken. On January 30th at 5:30 PM, the current eighth graders came to the student lead event called Rising Night. Rising Night allowed these kids to hear and ask questions about all the different electives, sports, and clubs that are offered here at Wakeland. It gave the chance for the incoming freshman to have one on one conversations with the current students involved with the different organizations. These one on one visits with the current students and teachers here at Wakeland start the beginning of friendships and connections for a strong wolverine bond.

In hopes to spark an interest in these impressionable middle schoolers, our wolverines stood at their tables with open arms in order to give them a welcoming path to orange and blue success.