The Cookie Rack

A mom's sweet treats and how she is supported by the Wakeland community.

Noah Mack

Noah Mack, Brighton Short and Steffi Watters, WIN-TV Reporters

Thoroughly decorated cookies being shoveled on and off the racks, the smell of decadent treats baking in the back kitchen permeating the quaint atmosphere of this family run establishment. Greeting every individual, a friendly smile of a successful owner who’s aspirations are fulfilled with every satisfied customer.

Ever since Christie Halverson was a young girl she has wished to have a bakery of her own. Once her children left the house and off to college she made the decision to take up baking as a new found hobby. Soon she started developing early versions of her cookies and sharing them with her closest family and friends. Everyone who tried these sweets fell in love with them and supported her in her endeavors to open a business. Halverson introduced to the city of Frisco her cookie and soda shop, The Cookie Rack, on November nineteenth. Before the grand opening Frisco residents lined up in front of the entrance waiting to be the first to get their hands on these delectable desserts. After the store was officially open for business their popularity boomed. Halverson states “in our first ten days of being open we’ve had more business than I thought I would do in an entire year.” With her flourishing business Halverson looks forward to each and everyday of work, knowing that she had made her dream a reality.

Once The Cookie Rack launched their business Halverson was hungry for employment and she turned to Wakeland High School. Halverson tells us that she employs around twelve students that attend Wakeland and that she is “familiar with the high quality of students that go there.” Not only does this new cookie shop provide wolverines with jobs but it also is a new location to be around friends. The owner’s daughter, Hannah Halverson, states that her mother’s shop has “become a really cool hangout spot for teenagers.” During the uprise of this new establishment wolverines have played an integral role as customers and as employees.

The development and success of The Cookie Rack is an exemplary example of how dreams can be brought to life. Mrs. Halverson is an example of how dedication and perseverance are what is necessary to achieve that dream.