Frisco Square Shines Bright for Holiday Visitors

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Ashley Deckert, Wakeland Access Reporter

Christmas is often the one time of the year where families get together and celebrate the holiday season. And what a better way to celebrate than at the Frisco Square! 

Christmas in the Square draws over 750,000 visitors annually,” Frisco Square said. “With over 175,000 lights, 11.5 miles of wiring and 8 miles of extension cords, Christmas in the Square is unlike anything you have ever seen,” 

Frisco Square even provides Christmas music for cars either passing through or just driving by.

“Visitors may tune in to 107.3 FM on the radio in their vehicles, or listen to the music piped through speakers as they take a walk through the Square,” they explained.

Christmas in the Square is an enjoyable time for all ages, especially for fellow Wolverines.

“The decorations in the Square makes me feel happy because it means Christmas is coming soon,” sophomore Ryan Rhodes said.

The lights and other decor in the square just give people a sense of peace and joy for the holiday season. Ice skating has also been a big feature in Frisco Square. It gives the people of Frisco a fun outdoor activity and a way to spend some quality time with family and friends.

“[The ice skating rink] was fun and I [skated] with my friends,” sophomore Trinity Nurick added about the event.

The skating rink is open until Jan. 6, 2020 so be sure to head out for a n”ice” time. 

Restaurants in the Square (especially during the holidays) have always been a fan favorite when it comes to easy access to food after driving around and enjoying the lights.

 “I like going to Best Thai because I go every year with  my two other friends after we ice skate,” sophomore Alysia Serna said.

The resturant factor makes it all the merrier as traveling visitors won’t have to travel long distances to find good food.

Since the start, Christmas in the Square has always been a Frisco favorite and should be added to everyone’s list of festivities to do during the holidays.