Photo by Tim Robberts/Getty Images.

Morgan Roeder, Reporter

There are many risks involved when running in the dark – whether morning or evening. Running when it is dark poses  greater threats such as not being seen by  motorists, unmarked ditches or potholes, and attackers.

Here are eight key tips to running at night according to

  1. Be sure that traffic can see you. 

Wearing bright, neon, and reflective clothes can help cars see you.

2. Run on safe roads.

Do not run on busy roads with heavy traffic.

3. Run in a well lit area.

Running with lights allows you to see what is around you and where you are going.

4. Bring Mace

Bringing mace gives you something to protect yourself with in case of danger.

5. Bring a headlamp if needed.

Bring a headlamp if the area is not lit well.

6. Be familiar with your route.

Do NOT run places you are not familiar with to avoid getting lost. 

7. Do NOT wear headphones. 

Wearing headphones distracts you from outside noise which can cause serious danger.

8. Bring a running buddy if possible.

Bringing a friend to run with you makes running safer and can help you in case of an emergency.

Next time you go out for a run when it is dark, make sure you follow these 8 rules to ensure your safety.