Local non-profit strives to serve those in need, despite pandemic


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Lending a Hand- Founder and CEO Lindsey Kopplow (left) prepares bags for the grocery deliveries for the Budget Suites apartment complex. Leadership Prep School Lighthouse students also helped prepare the bags. “We had a huge donation from Panera Bread to wrap for delivery,” said Kopplow.

Paris Bashlor, Editor-In-Chief

Generations Hope, a local non-profit organization started by a Frisco teen, focuses on serving those in need and was inspired by another organization known as Metro Relief. 

Founder and CEO Lindsey Kopplow started Generations Hope after serving with Metro Relief. 

Generations Hope started due to another organization called Metro Relief. They created the Budget Suites outreach which my family and I attended every Friday,” Kopplow said. 

Metro Relief reached out to those staying in The Colony at the Budget Suites, which is an extended stay hotel/apartment residence. Because Metro Relief decided to focus primarily on serving the homeless in the DFW area, Kopplow saw it as an opportunity to start a non-profit organization.

“I knew that the families at Budget Suites were in need and I didn’t want to give up on them. During this time I was accepted into the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a program that allows students to use their passions and talents to create a business,” Kopplow said. She saw the Budget Suites outreach as an opportunity to start her organization. As of March 2020, Generations Hope received their official 501c3 nonprofit status, which allows for federal tax exemption of non-profit organizations.

Generations Hope provides food, games, and mentorship to the children and families living at the Budget Suites complex. Volunteers meet at the First Baptist Church of The Colony to prepare the games and food for the children and families. After preparing for the outreach, volunteers are transported to the Budget Suites apartments to strengthen relationships and spend time with the children.

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, outreaches to the Budget Suites complex have been postponed. “Although COVID-19 has greatly impacted Generations Hope it has also opened lots of partnerships. We knew that during these tough times that the families at Budget Suites would need extra assistance,” Kopplow said.

Kopplow has partnered with LovePacs, Panera Bread, and Baby Booties Diaper Bank to continue to provide essential items to the families at Budget Suites during the pandemic. Generations Hope has been able to deliver 25 grocery bags every week, along with leftover baked goods, diapers, and feminine products, to the families at Budget Suites. 

Generations Hope works to serve those in the community and has been able to do that despite the current pandemic.

Generations Hope website and Instagram page at www.generationshope.org and @generationshopetx.