Vital Nutrition

Vitality Bowls is a superfood cafe located in Frisco, Tx that serves açaí bowls, smoothies, and eventually healthy wraps, toasts, salads, and savory bowls.

Vitality Bowls has been around in Frisco for the past few years, starting at Starwood off of Lebanon and Legacy. Its Eldorado location opened up in August 2017. 

“Vitality Bowls is a superfood cafe that uses no added sugars, no preservatives, which is allergy safe, with gluten-free options, and a cross contamination free kitchen! We have everything from açaí bowls, smoothies, fresh juices & much more! We are dropping a new savory menu very soon with healthy wraps, toasts, salads & savory bowls! We are very excited to introduce new ways to be deliciously healthy!” general manager Sarah Keeler said. 

Vitality Bowls is managed by 2017 Wakeland High School Alumni Sarah Keeler. 

“My favorite part of attending Wakeland was the amazing staff. The students really underestimated how much of an impact they actually have on us. They were the most memorable part of my experience there,” Keeler said.

Keeler was involved with FFA and was also an FFA Officer.

“While I spent most of my free time working, I was in FFA! It was incredible! I did multiple things throughout the organization! Such as Creed Speaking, Floriculture, Livestock, Vettech, & Ag mechanics! I was even an FFA Officer! We were in charge of finding new members to join and setting up our weekly meetings & end of year ceremonies! We would also help our team come up with strategies to study for our competitions!” Keeler said. 

Before Vitality Bowls, Keeler worked at Chick-Fil-A, indulging in the goodness of chicken and fries. However, she realized eating fried foods on a day-to-day basis wasn’t the best of choices. 

“I used to work at Chick-Fil-A, with such an amazing environment, the food wasn’t the best for you. I found myself eating fried chicken and fries every day! As amazing as it sounds, it was not good for my body,” Keeler said.

While working at Chick-Fil-A, Keeler made the decision to go vegan.

“I actually decided to go vegan when I was there, that was an experience in itself,” Keeler said.

To further her job experience, Keeler decided her management skills were needed elsewhere and began to seek another job.

“When I decided I needed somewhere that would further my growth, I decided to seek a new job, I saw the listing for a store manager and thought “why not?” I’ve only ever been an assistant before, but now I would be able to do the job well,” Keeler said.

Vitality Bowls offered her the opportunity she was looking for. 

“Other than [the food], it was the opportunity [Vitality Bowls] held. As a 20 year old in college trying to pursue a full time managing position is a red flag for most store owners. Making a judgement call like that doesn’t happen often, but I am glad [the owner] gave me the chance because we are doing amazing things!” Keeler said. 

Vitality Bowls serves delicious food while providing a fun environment for its employees. 

“The first thing that made me want to work at Vitality Bowls was the amazing owner. The famous Josh Willingham! He is very personable and makes you feel cared about, which is important when someone is running your businesses. He won’t even make a decision without consulting how I feel about it. The second is the amazing food. When you are recommending things to people, it feels good when you get to list the 10 amazing things it does for your body!” Keeler said. 

For delicious and healthy food, check out Vitality Bowls on 5105 W Eldorado Pkwy Ste 160, Frisco, TX 75033!