Peppermint Mocha – Where have you BEAN all my life?

Martin visits different Frisco coffee shops in search of the perfect holiday drink.


Summer Moon wins for Martin’s favorite holiday drink. Photo by Kate Nosel.

Maci Martin, Reporter

Tis the season for soft pajama pants, Christmas lights, and COFFEE!

My good friend Kamryn Sprigg and I went to three different coffee shops around Frisco and put their seasonal drinks to the test. 

Our first stop was Summer Moon, located in downtown Frisco. Before I even get to the coffee part I have to talk about the environment of the coffee shop. It was extremely welcoming and decorated beautifully for the holidays. It was quite busy but they managed their time efficiently and they were some of the sweetest service people! Sprigg and I both tried their iced peppermint mocha moon latte and I must say it was delicious. The peppermint and mocha were perfectly balanced where one did not overpower the other. Great friendly environment and great coffee, sounds like a win in my book. 

Next up – Starbucks. I get it. Kind of basic but they usually have amazing seasonal drinks, even if it is overpriced. When Sprigg and I first walked in, Starbucks looked like plain old Starbucks, there was no holiday decor, no warm fuzzy feeling. Just basic – Where’s the festivity? 

I went on to try their iced peppermint mocha latte so I could compare it to Summer Moon’s. Honestly, I was not impressed at all. The mocha overpowered the peppermint which is proof there is such a thing as too much chocolate, and I love chocolate! It lacked the holiday ingredient…peppermint. One thing I did like was the little chocolate bits sprinkled on top, but honestly that was it. 

Sprigg on the other hand ordered the toasted white chocolate mocha and she enjoyed it.

“It was a sweet and sugary drink and I think it is good for people who do not enjoy the taste of coffee, but I do not feel it corresponds with the seasonal drinks category,” Sprigg said.  

Our final stop was Mochas and Javas. It was decorated with Christmas decor and even some of the workers had on festive hats and headbands. The workers were extremely kind and welcoming. I tried the frozen hot chocolate, and it was amazing! It had the taste of hot chocolate with a pinch of cappuccino. I personally prefer cold drinks and was very nervous about getting a “frozen” hot chocolate. I was not disappointed with what I received. Sprigg tried the iced salted caramel latte and she loved it.

“It was a perfect mix of ingredients, nothing overpowered the other. Definitely one of my favorites that I will be getting again soon,” Sprigg said. 

One consistent item from all of these coffee shops is that they were all overpriced. It was Summer Moon’s peppermint mocha moon latte for the win of the best holiday drink. From the welcoming environment to the delicious coffee, I’ll return there again soon.