Voting for School Board Elections has Begun

Current Texas school board elections are being held! Here is an overview of your 2022 candidates for Frisco.

Paris Bashlor and Ashley Deckert, Editors-in-Chief

With the 2022 school board elections coming up, there are many things to consider when voting. 

According to Frisco ISD, elections for places 1, 2, and 3 on the school board will take place on May 7, 2022. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Early voting started on Apr. 25 and will continue until Apr. 30, as well as May 2-3. 

Place 1 is currently occupied by two candidates, Angela Dunford and her opponent Incumbent Gopal Ponangi. 

Dunford’s platform includes unifying the board and community. She wants people, especially parents, to have a voice and be heard instead of being pushed aside like their opinions don’t matter. Her standard for meeting this criteria is the board must be more attentive and be open to any given criticism regarding parents. Dunford wants to build a community where trust is prevalent and unify the district.

However, Ponangi’s platform includes wanting to shed light on the students struggling with mental health and learning gaps due to COVID-19. With this being said, he wants to provide resources and additional support for those struggling. Ponangi is also concerned with the ongoing district growth. His main focus is to make adjustments building new schools and restructuring existing ones without affecting class size.

Natalie Hebert is running against Marvin Lowe and Kelly Karthik for Place 2. 

Hebert’s platform includes students with special needs, providing a culture where staff feels supported and validated, and communication. 

Lowe’s platform and focus are on educational standards that will prepare students for their life after high school. Because of his desire to serve the Frisco community, as well as helping Frisco children achieve a bright future, he was inspired to run for the school board. 

Karthik focuses on promoting a community that fosters entrepreneurial skills to students, continuing fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of FISD without impacting the community financially, expanding the use of technology within the schools, reducing class sizes, bringing awareness to mental health services, reinforcing special education programs, and developing future ready programs for middle and high schoolers. 

The Place 3 candidates are Dustin Paschal, Timothy Soto, and Stephanie Elad.

The current holder for Place 3, Chad Rudy, has announced that he will not run for re-election.

Paschal wants to retain the success among the Frisco district. He wants to deter voters from voting against the district and siding with the ‘saboteurs.’ That way, FISD can keep the benefits of property values, outstanding educational opportunities, and a high-quality of life. Paschal wants to recognize FISD’s excellence and what the district has to offer.

Nonetheless, Soto wants to support programs and policies that benefit students and teachers due to the mental health of COVID-19. He wants schools, including staff and students, to have the opportunity for a quick recovery. Soto has stated that he has the desire to work with Texas legislation on providing students and teachers with what they need. 

Elad wants to ensure that all students are able to reach their full potential, support teachers, restore FISD’s reputation as leading in academic excellence, listen to the community, and reestablish trust in the community. 

More voting information can be found on the Frisco ISD website:

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