Wakeland Saves the Earth


Hailey Gaas

The heart of Wakeland lies within our many clubs. Eco Club over the last few years has boomed in popularity, and is an extremely valuable club for anyone interested in saving our planet.

Junior, Eco Club President, Abhigna Yella is extremely well spoken when it comes to environmental sustainability and finds Eco Club a great place to hangout with your friends while keeping our campus clean.

During our bi-monthly meetings, we usually have our members go around the Wakeland Campus and clean up any trash or recycling they see. After which, our officers sort through the trash and recycling gathered and place them in their respective disposal bins,” President Abhigna Yella said.

Eco Club values educating their members over environmental problems, to help further students’ knowledge over matters that may concern them.

“We also present short lessons to educate our members about ongoing environmental problems and solutions to them, as seen applied in our bi-monthly litter clean-ups” Yella said.

The high volume of students who show up to Eco Club meetings show how the student body here at Wakeland cares for the environment and ways to make our planet a better place.

 “Young people have all the reasons to care for their future; environmental conservation is a part of it whether they like it or not. It’s not as if everyone in Eco Club is fervently passionate about saving the environment, but instead, they are there to learn,” Yella said.

There are plenty of ways to further help the environment that you can participate in outside of Eco Club. Preventing food waste, picking litter when they see it, motivating others to follow such actions, and in general changing their everyday habits are easy ways to do your part for the world.

If you are interested in joining Eco Club, the meetings are every other Tuesday in C212, and you can follow the instagram @wakeeco for more information.