Turkeys and Traditions


Rachel Dickerson, Reporter

While Thanksgiving has no set date, like Christmas, New Year’s Day, or the Fourth of July it is celebrated with tradition every year. Traditions are significant to the celebration of Thanksgiving, especially the food. 

Thanksgiving is frequently associated with turkeys. Such as children making hand turkeys in school and a roasted turkey presented on the dinner table for the feast. The tradition of having turkey has largely remained, but how did the turkey become the Thanksgiving staple?

“Turkey was a favorite meat for Europeans long before the Plymouth feast, and local wild turkeys were a plentiful source of food for Native Americans and the New England settlers,” The Sun News said. 

Like the tradition of gathering around the table, the first Thanksgiving set the turkey trend for centuries. 

But Thanksgiving is about more than just the food. 

“My entire family comes together for dinner, and we just have a lot of fun,” sophomore Bella Woods said. 

Often, families gather from across the neighborhood to across the country to see each other for this special holiday. The tradition of coming together is highly valued by families because sometimes it’s the only time that family members can see each other all at once. 

“I don’t see my cousins that often so when I do it’s really fun,” senior Jaxon Popst said. 

Thanksgiving is a day when families can come together, simply to spend time together. So this Thanksgiving, enjoy the time spent with your family and the turkey too!