Pakistan Fundraiser


Students from Model UN, H.A.L.O, ECO club, Baking club and UNICEF raised more than 600$ during the Wakeland Homecoming/Community Pep Rally heeding to the United Nations appeal for help.

Tvisha Yadiki, Reporter

At the 77th United Nation General Assembly, the Prime Minister of Pakistan called out for the developed nations to help fund aid for the victims of the floods in Pakistan. 

“It was the world’s responsibility to help,” Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif said. 

He further explained that the cause of these floods is due to climate change, and noted that Pakistan’s greenhouse gas emissions makeup less than 1% of global emissions. 

Here at Wakeland, the presidents of the clubs Model United Nations, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, Hunger Alleviation Leadership Organization, ECO club, and Baking club, heard the call and responded. 

Together, Tvisha Yadiki, Lauren Parrott, Abhigna Yella, Jace Mehta and Yasmeena Khalife, knew that they had to do something to help, thus they worked together to raise awareness about the devastating effects of climate change and hosted a fundraising event at the Homecoming/Community Pep Rally selling baked goods. They spoke out about how climate change has impacted us all, and how, if we did not act soon, the geographical north would soon feel the same effects that the south is facing now.

“The fundraiser was truly an eye-opener of how generous people can be. We see conflict and distress in the news everyday. We were able to see the need, and create this fundraiser, and I find that truly wonderful,” president of Baking Club and ECO Club, Abhigna Yella said.

Abhigna Yella, along with the other members of Baking Club, made the sweets and treats that were sold at the event! 

“Connections are key to make events a success, because most of the time, I had a teacher or two that I used to know and were able to donate,” member of HALO, Diego Urzua Blum said. 

Lots of the members of the leading clubs were able to play their part in representing Wakeland by advertising and supporting the event. The presidents of clubs each shared their own stories about what they had learned about the event as well as the flood crisis in Pakistan. They worked to ensure that the members of their clubs were knowledgeable in what was going on in the world around them. 

“It is amazing what collaboration and effort can accomplish- it was truly rewarding to help and have an impact on those impacted by flooding.” co-president of HALO, Yasmeena Khalife said. 

 As the countries who funded the industrialization of northern countries are suffering because of their depleted resources today, it is our responsibility as the beneficiary of industrialization to help. ECO Club prepared a Public Service Announcement about the events in Pakistan that was played during the event, and all members of the event spoke to the people donating about how we can do our part to help reduce the effects of this global issue. All together, in three hours, the united clubs were able to raise more than $600 to be donated to the World Food Program USA to help those in Pakistan.