Playing It By Ear

Wakeland High School's Mainstream Music Scene.

Nicholas Dembla, Jeremy Williams, and Wesley Abbe

Although Wakeland High School has numerous platforms for students with musical talents, such as orchestra, band, and choir, many students have taken their creative endeavours into their own hands. Through the use of streaming services, these students have found a way to expand their viewership on a local scale. Wakeland artists, Logan “Lil Don” Becker, Mason Tapp, and Grace Tyler, have greatly contributed to this growing trend.

“Material items don’t really make happiness, it’s what you’re doing everyday that you love is what makes the thing about life so great,” proclaimed Mason Tapp, a senior at Wakeland High School, in regards to his outlook on his musical path. Tapp is a music producer, songwriter, and singer who has published his talents on SoundCloud and a number of other services. His songs, such as “Night Shift,” with over 16,000 views, have become very popular among Wakeland students. In the future, he wants his message to be heard all across the world.

Logan Becker, also known as “Lil Don”, is a rapper whose confidence and charismatic style is adored by many. “If I can make one person’s day better with my music, that would be my dream… I just want to make people happy,” stated Becker. His musical style has taken his audience by storm with his catchy lyrics and beats.  He has 10,000 plays across all of his songs, which is a testament to the large amount of support he has received from Wakeland’s student body.

Grace Tyler is a country artist who not only uploads her music to certain platforms, but also performs live. She has travelled as far as Nashville, Tennessee to record and perform as well as here locally in Dallas. Tyler even stated that” I made it to the celebrity judges round for American Idol and got a “Yes” from Luke Bryan!”,  she will also be auditioning for American Idol this March.  Grace has played in over 50 shows and was selected in the Top 10 for the Nash Next DFW Competition and was featured on both 96.3 and 99.5 FM.


These are just three of the many talented musicians at Wakeland High School. Through their music, a culture of artistry has been created throughout the student body. There is no doubt that the music and creativity has left an impact and caught the interest of Wakeland’s students.