Video Games Have Health Benefits?

Fighting games, action games, and competitive gaming have been known for the skill and the practice that they require. These games not only provide a fun time for people but the website also says that these games provide a impactful increase in hand-eye coordination, stress relief, and even processing information.

These are not the only type of skills that are improved but researchers say that playing for only a little bit of the day can improve reading skills for kids with dyslexia and produce a longer attention span for kids. Players have confirmed this statement by saying that through their time playing games, they have seen major improvements in themselves from competition, to problem solving, and expressing their creativity. Games like Fortnite and Call of Duty have helped players obtain these and many more things like quick reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and puzzle solving skills. In the game Call of Duty, it follows an interesting storyline that provides a competitive impact for people while giving them an enjoying time.

Video games have been thought to be harmful to kids but in fact they are improving them. More and more kids will continue to play video games and will most likely continue to see improvements in themselves.