Wordle: A New Addiction

The viral word game, Wordle, has been gaining popularity.


Paris Bashlor

Vividly Challenging – Senior Winter Littlejohn guesses the word of the day, vivid. “I like how [Wordle] is something I can focus on when I have nothing else to do,” Littlejohn said. Wordle is a fun brain game that offers a new challenge everyday.

Paris Bashlor, Editor-in-Chief

As of recently, a crossword puzzle game called Wordle on The New York Times has been going viral.

So, what is Wordle? 

“Wordle is a fun game developed by the NY Times. It’s a word guessing game and you get to do a different one each day,” senior Sarah Hazelip said.

The game can only be played once a day and it allows players to guess a word within 6 tries. Every 24 hours, there is a new word that players get to guess.  

After each guess, tiles in the game will either turn green, yellow, or gray in order to reveal whether the letter is in the correct spot or not.

If the right letter is in the correct spot, the tile will turn green. 

If the right letter is in the wrong spot, the tile will turn yellow.

If there’s a letter that isn’t in the Wordle in any spot, then the tile will turn gray. 

In order to determine the word, players can enter a total of 6 words in order to learn what letters are in the Wordle and where they are placed. 

The fun mind game has gained lots of popularity because of its new challenges every day.

“I think it became popular because people might like to challenge their friends, and there’s always a new [puzzle] so it’s not repetitive,” senior Winter Littlejohn said. 

Wordle has been raved about on apps such as Twitter, with many players talking about the difficulty of the day’s puzzle. 

“I think what makes it fun is there is a new [puzzle] every day,” Littlejohn said. 

Not only is Wordle talked about on social media, but it’s also made its way into conversations in the halls of Wakeland.

“It’s really fun when you walk into a class and hear everyone chatting about the difficulty of the Wordle puzzle from that day,” Hazelip said. 

If you’re up for a challenge, make sure to check out the game here: Wordle