Road to Broadway starts here


The Dallas Summer Musicals high school theater nominations have been announced, and Wakeland Theater has blown away the competition with several nominations.

The yearly Broadway DSM High School Musical Theater Awards honors excellence in high school musical theater, and to develop the performing arts in North Texas. Wakeland’s 2022 winter musical Curtains was nominated in several categories including Best Musical, Best Choreography, Best Scenic Design and many more for a total of  11 nominations.

Senior Lilly Adams was the assistant director of the last three musicals and the last two fall plays including Curtains, Anastasia, Once Upon a Mattress, You Can’t Take It With You, and Dearly Departed.

 “I am honored that we got nominated and very excited that we have a chance of winning. Months of work, loss of sleep, and a lot of other things to make it happen,” Adams said.

Adams is so proud of everyone involved in the musical. 

“Mrs. Dalfonzo, Mr. Yowell, Zoe and I have worked very hard to put the show together. We definitely deserve it,” Adams said. 

Senior Emma De La Paz was nominated for Best Lead Actress after her performance as lyricist Georgia Hendrix in the musical. 

“I feel so elated. I have dreamed of playing this role, she’s everything I have always wanted in a character. Being able to get recognized for all the hard work that I have put in means so much to me,” De La Paz said.  

De La Paz was nominated for “Outstanding Lead Performance” last year for Anastasia

“Last year there were so many schools, around 82, that were in the running with so many talented people. But having done it before I really wanted to go back and do it again,” De La Paz said.

Other students have also been nominated, including Garret Bohannan for “Outstanding Lead Performance” and Brooke Lee for “Outstanding Supporting Performance.”

“I am so proud of Garret and Brooke, and so happy to be able to experience this with them,” De La Paz said. 

Wakeland Theater will perform and attend the DSM award ceremony on May 20 at the Music Hall at Fair Park. Rehearsals have already started. 

Good luck and break a leg thespians!