Barbarian Lives Up To Its Name


Faith Blount, Reporter

Get your pitchforks and torches out for this upcoming fall because everything scary is coming soon. With Halloween just around the corner, horror movies are starting to flood the theaters including Barbarian. From the producers of IT, Barbarian is set in Detroit and shows a young woman named Tess who has rented an Airbnb for a job interview. But there is just one problem, it’s been rented out to another man as well. Following the traditional horror movie plot line, the main character goes against her better judgment and enters the establishment with a man who she had just met. Tess soon learns that her unexpected houseguest isn’t what she should be worrying about when she finds a secret passageway hidden in the depths of the basement. If that wasn’t worrisome enough, there is a door leading to what seems to be an abandoned mine shaft; what’s inside, you’ll have to find out. Barbarian is described as a Horror/Thriller and came out on Aug 31, 2022. With a 92% Tomatometer critics seem to love this movie while I thought it was atrocious. The movie truly does live up to its name Barbarian by being barbaric. With little to no effective jump scares and an idiotic plot, this has to be one of the worst ¨horror¨ movies I have ever seen. It’s as if the foolishness of the plot removed any potential this movie had of being scary. While watching this movie there was one sentence that kept running through my mind – what a waste of time and money this movie was. Coming from the producers of the award-winning movie IT you would think this movie would have some sort of depth to the plot but I am very disappointed with this poorly executed movie. The idea of finding a secret hidden passageway and dungeon in your Airbnb is a great plotline but everything that came after was pure ridiculousness. Out of five stars, I would give this movie a 2.5.  Overall this movie had the potential to be great in the beginning with the idea of an unwanted houseguest in an Airbnb, but to me went off the rails once I found out what the real unwanted houseguest was in the abandoned tunnels. I will never be seeing this movie again and would advise against anyone else seeing it.