The Table Will Never Stop

John Wick: Chapter 4 Review


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“No one, not even you, can kill everyone”. States a character to Wick in the latest installment of the John Wick franchise. 

With the movie racking in $73.5M dollars within its first week in the box office and scoring 94% on rotten tomatoes. This two hour, 49 minute long action-packed movie starring Keanu Reeves has definitely stepped up from the predictors.

 With many fans loving the new movie as one fan, Andrew Mack wrote “The set pieces in John Wick films continue to set the bar for action cinema, Chapter 4 gleefully continues the winning streak set by the first film”.

 The world of John Wick can be described as a labyrinth with the first installment we are introduced to John Wick, a retired hitman who is forced back into his old ways after his deceased wife’s posthumous gift, a beagle puppy is murdered by gang members during a home invasion. The heartbreaking story has been the stepping stones of this franchise. 

Picking up from the events of the third film, Wick still excommunicated, recuperates with the help of Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne). Wick sets out to track down the elder who sits above the high table, a council of high level crime bosses.

But actions will always have consequences in the world of revenge. The ramifications of Wick’s actions, affects his closest acquaintances, friends and foe alike. Winston Scott (Ian McShane) and Shimazu Koji (Hiroyuki Sanada), managers of the Continental Hotels in New York and Osaka have their hotels destroyed as a warning from the High Table for their involvement with John Wick, because no matter where John Wick goes death always follows.

As the body counts rise and the blood trail following him from New York to Osaka to Berlin to Paris. With Wicks’ bounty on his head rising more and more, the amount of  hitmen increase and are after him along with assassins sent by a senior member of the High Table, the Marquis.

Wick also has multiple interactions with a mysterious tracker named Mr.Nobody and his dog, along with having to also face off against an old friend, named Caine. As the movie progresses we see Wick faces off many different assassins and hitmen. There are many memorable moments throughout the film though they do arrive later. There is a club scene in which Wick fights a German High Table member, Killa and we see a sense of detachment as the people in the club continue to dance as the fight scenes progress. Another moment is when Wick is hounded by many hitmen seeking to collect the bounty on his head that was upped to $40M dollars and he has to battle through most of Paris. 

The world building of John Wick and the way the characters have been shown throughout the movies have been phenomenal, but I felt the latest installment didn’t live up to its predecessors. Even though the action scenes were well scripted and wonderfully executed, the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and cinematics were beautiful and pleasing to the eye. 

There were many moments through the movie where I got bored and found myself looking at my phone. One of the scenes where I got bored was when Wick has a fighting sequence against the assassins from the High Table at the Osaka continental hotel, it was dragged on for too long and I wished I had a remote to fast forward. I longed for more plot than just fighting cause there was very little time for viewers to digest the information that was thrown at us. There were also multiple missed opportunities in the plot that could have shown Wicks tiredness and brokenness as a character and shows he’s in an endless cycle of  his own dilemma. Because no matter how many people he kills or if he achieves his end goal of killing the elder, there will always be someone else to take that role. 

As one character states in the movie to Wick, “Have you given any thought to where this ends? The Table will never stop”. 

While the film did touch on moments of Wick’s emptiness and hardships as a character, I do wish that the film had shown more of Wick’s past.

Even though I would not put John wick: Chapter 4 as my favorite out of the films, it was not a bad movie even if it centered more on the action parts. Rather the film illustrated a multiple narrative story line, which might be fitting for the John Wick franchise, the film still entertained even with its long action scenes and very little dialogue.Even if it wasn’t what I expected from the movie franchise, I do recommend this movie to people who love the John Wick franchise cause it will be right up their alley.