Front Door of Wakeland High School Shattered by Act of Vandalism

Skye Ford, WIN-TV Reporter

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Once there was glass, now there is particle board. If you have entered through the front doors at Wakeland High School, chances are you were greeted with a panel of brown particle board placed there to protect the door that was once filled with glass. This, however, was not a new style trend or a design choice by our Wakeland staff, but instead an act of vandalism.

This change occurred, on the morning of Sunday, the 13th between the hours of 3 to 4 am when one of our security cameras caught the front door glass shatter into pieces. Although the cameras did not catch the perpetrator during the act it did, however, show a Silver SUV leaving the Wakeland parking lot around the time the incident occurred. It is thought by the administration, that a BB gun or some form of long-distance device was used to break the door.

This incident has been classified as an act of vandalism and no other information has been given at this time. If you have any leads or information to provide, you can anonymously report using the Stop!t App. Enter the class code 10494 and enter Wakeland as the school name.

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