Public Service Announcement About Student Parking on Campus

Parking Permits Are Not Optional.

Emma Bass, Skye Ford and Brighton Short, WIN-TV Reporters

As the spring semester begins, Wakeland students are required to purchase a parking pass in order to maintain their parking privileges on campus. Although it may seem like a nuisance to the student body, it’s purpose is predominantly to sustain a safe school. Parking passes allow Wakeland to keep tabs on who is passing through our school, adding to our increasingly necessary security. Not only that, but parking lots are extremely costly to build and maintain, making it only fair to charge a parking fee.

Although students aren’t always happy with the fee, they are understanding of why it is necessary. “It seems like a lot but it’s all for good reason” WHS senior Ashli Johnston remarks, “It’s worth the $30 to know Wakeland is aware of who is coming inside of our school.” It is in students’ best interest to get their passes as soon as possible.

Everyone must have a parking permit. If you do not have on you must go to A120 to buy one. The consequences for not having one start with a warning. This warning can be a call home or a sticker put on your car. Next consequence you will be fined, then revoked driving privileges on school property and the final consequence is your car being towed. Please abide by the rules and have a great day wolverines.

It is easiest to avoid these penalties altogether and pay the fee as quickly as possible, which can either be done through MyPaymentsPlus or in cash at the school. You can visit A120 to take care of your parking pass now.