Frisco ISD opens a COVID-19 Testing Site

With the constant spread of COVID-19 within schools, Frisco ISD opens a testing site to benefit students and staff to make testing more convenient.


Testing Site at Kuykendall Stadium – The FISD COVID testing site will be in the west parking lot at the Kuykendall stadium. The testing site will be open daily and will provide free testing.

Paris Bashlor, Editor-in-Chief

As of today, Frisco ISD’s COVID-19 testing site is open to the district. 

FISD set up their own testing site through Nomi Health, located in the west parking lot at Kuykendall stadium, to help students and staff gain access to COVID testing. 

Nomi Health offers COVID rapid tests and PCR screening. If resources are limited, it varies on whether or not they offer both tests. 

The testing site is open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. with free testing. If a student needs to be tested during school hours, their absence will be excused. 

Even if a student isn’t showing symptoms of the virus, they will still be able to receive free screening and testing. 

The testing site is only open to FISD students and staff and they will need identification showing they are in Frisco ISD. Students can use their student ID or a district provided verification of enrollment film to show FISD identification.

Guardians must be present and must present an ID that the student getting tested is either their child or under their guardianship. 

In order to be tested, students and staff must pre-register. 

If there are any questions regarding testing, parents and staff can contact Nomi Health at 512-355-0301. The FISD website will also provide information regarding the testing site.

UPDATE: The COVID-19 testing site has been moved to Bacchus Park, 13995 Main St.