Trumping the Media with Truth Social

The former 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, launches his social media app.


Courtesy of CNN

Let your voice be heard – Trump recently launched his new app known as Truth Social. The app allows many to post and state personal beliefs without the worry of being silenced. “[The] app is very interesting and will be cool to learn more about,” White said.

Ashley Deckert, Editor-in-Chief

On Feb. 21, 2022, Trump Media and Technology Group launched their first social media app known as Truth Social.

The Truth Social is an app that was created by former President Donald Trump. 

However, why would Trump create an app that is similar to other social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (etc.)?

“I think Donald Trump is making this app just to make more money. [Nonetheless, I also believe it is] to help report true news through his eyes,” senior Ella White said.

The app focuses on welcoming all viewpoints and opinions to bring everyone together.

Trump wanted to create the app to not only prevent himself and others from being silenced by tedious rules but to let everyone express their personal beliefs.

“Big tech companies have silenced voices that they do not agree with. With these companies being the main source of information for most people, many people get silenced or banned. [However,] Trump’s app allows all [voices to be heard],” senior Ethan Higgins said.

The app consists of numerous features! Truth Social allows each individual to set up their profile and interact with others.

The profile consists of a personalized avatar and background. Your profile is where you’ll find your connections through followers, likes, and post history.

Truth Feed is where you can access the scoop on the latest posts, activities, organizations, and news.

Like any typical social media app, the search allows you to discover your likes and dislikes and start-up new conversations with people of similar or different interests/views.

“[Different conversations] can challenge one’s [opposite] views significantly, which is good. I feel like the app will make people research what they are standing up for,” senior Carolyn King said.

The app allows you freedom of speech and expression without facing the repercussions of your personal beliefs.

“[Truth Social] is already becoming very popular in that most Americans agree with freedom of speech and press. Trump is the baseline of following [his] American dream because he makes his path,” Higgins said.

The app is currently up to date and any worries of glitches or bugs have been taken care of through Version 1.0.2. 

For compatibility, make sure your iPhone is has been fully updated to at least iOS 13.0 or later.

Although you have to enter a waitlist before you can access the app, you can join Truth Social through your local App Store.