A Fresh New Look

Josh McDaniel, Reporter

As each year begins, Wakeland students are tasked with new beginnings: new classes, teachers, and classmates.  This year, students are also tasked with new furniture, providing a different look to the classroom. 

“It was surprising [to see on the first day]…It just looks really weird,” junior Josh Wyse said.

The updated furniture  provides a less traditional look to the classroom, moving away from the desks and chairs that students have seen through the years.  The tables come in different shapes, and the chairs have wheels that allow students to better move around for collaboration.  

While the transition may take some time to get used to, it was inevitable.

“About every 10-12 years, [the district] refresh[es] everything just to keep it new and fresh,” Assistant Principal Mr. Parker said.

The fresh look of the varied tables presents a new challenge to teachers, as they navigate how to utilize the furniture.

“It’s challenging from a teacher’s perspective because we used to be able to rely on every student [having] the same chair [and] the same desk,” AP English Language and Composition teacher Mr. McNair said.  “There’s so many different seating options and arrangements.”

Despite the challenge that the furniture gives teachers, the variety of tables can also be helpful.

“I’ve [put] different numbers of people in different groups…It’s better to have flexibility than not have flexibility,” AP World History teacher Mr. Laine said.

With the addition of more flexible tables, students are able to work better in groups.  As the school year continues, students and teachers will be able to become more comfortable with the new furniture.