Wakeland Access Instagram


The @WakelandAccess Instagram has gotten a revamp. Addison Domino and Hailey Gaas have spent hours discussing ways to make the Instagram more widespread throughout the school and make it something students actually care for. 

The Wakeland Access Instagram will have updated stories weekly, as well as important school news the student body may or may not be aware of. Our goal is to bring students from Instagram onto the Wakeland Access Website, so students schoolwide have access to important information.

We have made efforts to make the @WakelandAccess Instagram page as student friendly as possible. The bio has been revamped, as well as a more aesthetically pleasing feed. 

The Instagram page will also be extremely engaged with students. We have plans to start a student spotlight, teacher spotlights, and even interact with students who may have something in their life they feel is worth a story.

Please follow the @WakelandAccess Instagram page to keep in touch with Wakeland news.