Swifties Break the Internet

After releasing her record-setting album “Midnights,” Taylor Swift announced the launch of presale tickets for her Eras Tour on November 1, 2022. This tour will debut on March 18, 2023, in Arizona. She will appear in Arlington, Texas on April 1 and 2, 2023.

Presale tickets were available through Ticketmaster’s verified fan program that allows fans to register for a presale code in advance. However, ticket sales quickly turned into a big disaster.

“I tried to buy tickets, but Ticketmaster was not working at all,” sophomore Alex Spencer said. 

Many fans spent several hours trying to get tickets. They were met with error messages, technical problems, and finding there were no more tickets available. Those that managed to get tickets sometimes paid much more than they expected.

“My mom got tickets and she was in the queue for two hours. She said it was a mess, and she has never had to wait that long for tickets,” sophomore Syndey Pedini said.

Ticketmaster admitted its site was unprepared for the millions of humans and bots that flooded the site.

“I completely think Ticketmaster is at fault for the entire thing. I think they should have predicted how many people would be trying to get tickets because Taylor Swift is the biggest female artist right now,” sophomore Olivia Rowe said.

However, some people believe that Swift should share some of the blame. They claim she could have done more to prevent this disaster.

“I feel it was Ticketmaster’s fault for allowing reselling because it made tickets more unavailable to the public. Also, I know that Taylor Swift is an A-list artist, but I feel the ticket prices were unreasonable and unaffordable,” said Spencer.

Despite the issues with Ticketmaster, those that managed to buy tickets can positively reflect on the experience.

“I’m really excited to have gotten tickets, and I’m grateful too because I know a lot of people who didn’t get them,” Pedini said.