What is ChatGPT?


In November of 2022, a new artificial intelligence tool known as ChatGPT was released.  Produced by OpenAI, the system was created for people to ask questions, and get a realistic, human like response in return. Around the country, controversy and uncertainty is spreading on what this new system holds for the future of education. 

As of now, the artificial intelligence is free to the public; allowing access to anyone who is familiar with it. Because of this, students around the globe are getting their hands on this new program. The question is, in school, is the artificial intelligence doing more harm then good?

“I think the new AI is a good way in showing how a good essay should be written but it should not be taken for granted and used on any assignments,” senior Andie Ross said. 

The program has already been blocked on Frisco ISD devices to prevent students from using the artificial intelligence. Although there may be a way to use this system for good. 

CEO of Coursera, Jeff Maggioncalda, said, “He uses the powerful new AI chatbot tool to bang out emails…He even uses it to breakdown strategic questions.”

While learning, students may be able to use the artificial intelligence for assistance in their classes, but with this freedom, it could be easy to use the AI for the wrong purposes. Since the system was created to sound human, it would be difficult for teachers and staff to detect ChatGPT. 

According to The Hill, “technologies continue to be created to catch plagiarism or cheating with AI. An arguably bigger concern is students using ChatGPT and not learning the material.”

In recent years, there has been an increase of plagiarism and cheating from students. With the help of the artificial intelligence, this could cause an even bigger issue.

According to The Hill, OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is working with educators on solutions for students to benefit from the artificial intelligence. 

Although it will take time and lots of communication with educators and students, OpenAI is doing their best to make sure that this program will be successful for everyone to use.

The new artificial intelligence has opened doors with worries about what the future holds for education. In fact, as the world moves forward technologically, this will become an everyday challenge.  The questions is, will schools choose to use ChatGPT to their advantage, or will they identify it as an enemy?