The Madness of March


Rachel Dickerson, Reporter

March Madness is an incredibly popular college basketball tournament watched across the nation. Every year before the beginning of the tournament, many people create their own brackets with their predictions of the outcome of the tournament. Some people go as far as to place bets on their predictions for the tournament. 

The teams that qualified for the tournament are ranked based on history and statistics. People typically use these rankings in addition to their own personal biases. For the most part, the rankings stay relatively the same from before and after the tournament. 

But for Florida Atlantic University, that was not the case. 

The Florida Atlantic Owls finished out their regular season relatively strong and entered the tournament ranked 13th. So when Florida Atlantic faced off the 4th team in the tournament, Tennessee Volunteers, none of the brackets were ready. 

Florida beat Tennessee with a score of 62-55 in the 3rd round, more commonly known as the Sweet Sixteen. Florida went on after that to beat Kansas State 79-72, who was previously ranked 8th in the tournament. 

Florida Atlantic made it to the Final Four when the team hadn’t even been in the March Madness tournament in 21 years. 

This is an exceptional comeback for the team, and a surprising one to throw off nearly every bracket despite their loss to San Diego State University in the Final Four. 

Florida Atlantic truly showed their determination this season and ruined every bracket made.