Creating environment of passion, support

Ms. O’Hara teaches students how to save environment while she betters theirs


Rachel Dickerson, Reporter

With 18 years dedicated to helping students, and eight years specifically focused on Wakeland High School, Ms. O’Hara is a teaching veteran who is truly committed to helping her students as much and as often as she can. 

Ms. O’Hara worked in the environmental industry for 12 years and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. “This is a natural fit for me,” Ms. O’Hara said. 

O’Hara never planned on being a teacher, but after years of working to make the planet a better place, she went back to school and earned her teaching degree. She wanted to teach others and spread the importance of environmental science. She felt that with her past experience, she could bring in her own relevant knowledge and experience to help educate her students. 

“She always gives us fun labs to help us learn, and the field trip she took us on this year was so cool,” junior Alexis Carter said. 

Ms. O’Hara and her students both love the many labs they do throughout the year. But more importantly she loves seeing her students learn about a subject that she too, is passionate about. 

“Sometimes I’ll see her at a track meet or game and I think that it’s really nice she supports her students as much as she does,” junior Hannah Pfiffner, Wakeland athlete and Environmental Science student said. 

Ms. O’Hara loves her students and she loves seeing them succeed in other areas other than the classroom. “It’s just another benefit of teaching such great kids,” Ms. O’Hara said. 

For years, Ms. O’Hara has taught students how to help their environment, all while supporting them in their own endeavors. Ms. O’Hara really does know how to make an impact in and out of the classroom.