Biology with Burke


Teaching biology in schools around Texas has been life for Mr. Burke for the last 22 years. 

“Teaching middle school helped me prepare for the way high school students act,” Burke said. The job is very different but he still enjoys it just as much.

“I was a college student that didn’t decide on my job until my senior year. That’s why I think its dumb that they have you students doing your four year plans already,” Burke said. 

 Burke graduated from college with a degree in biology. He was a jobless college student when teaching caught his eye. Burke hadn’t thought about teaching too much but when the opportunity came he took it. Now with years of experience teaching he still teaches the subject he knows and loves.

“My favorite part about teaching is getting to know the kids. Every once and a while I’ll find students with the same love for biology as me,” Burke said. 

Burke talked about how biology can be hard but once you get to understand it you start to enjoy it more.

Burke hasn’t had his own classroom this year. Which makes it hard sometimes for students to find what classroom he’s in for tutorials. 

“This year has been kinda stressful but I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve had to make sure students know what class I’m in during power lunch because some days I’m in three different classrooms,¨ Burke said.

 Many students love the way Burke teaches. 

“He’s a chill teacher that lets us have fun while also getting our work done,” freshman Trent Hunter said. 

It’s teachers like Mr.Burke that make students’ days easier and fun.