More than Math – Meet Mrs. Greene


It takes a very special teacher to make a lasting impact on their students’ school and personal lives, and Mrs. Greene is one of them. 

She has been a teacher for 13 years, and all of those years, she has been teaching at Wakeland. She has taught a variety of classes, including pre-ap and on-level algebra 1, algebra 2, and geometry. 

“The students; they are what makes teaching special to me,” Greene said. 

Throughout the interview, it was easy to understand why her students enjoy her as a teacher. Mrs. Greene’s classroom is filled with welcoming pictures and kind quotes. 

“Her class is very welcoming and enjoyable,” junior Makenzie Joliff said.

Greene’s class is filled with welcoming pictures and creative posters. 

Although Mrs. Greene loves teaching here at Wakeland, she also feels her time of teaching is slowly coming to an end. She is planning on retiring in about two years. Greene wished she could change some things about teaching, including how her students feel about learning. It isn’t a surprise that many students don’t enjoy learning, especially when it comes to learning math. 

“I wish I could find a way to make learning more fun and enjoyable for students so that instead of only doing their work for their grades, they actually want to learn,” Mrs. Greene added.

Students enjoy Greene’s class and the freedom she gives them after a lecture. 

Students feel that Mrs. Greene is very patient, especially when it comes to teaching them a difficult class like math.

“She helps me understand algebra a lot easier…which makes going to her class more fun and exciting,” Joliff said. 

Mrs. Greene’s teaching and kind personality have a large influence on students in their personal lives and they will carry that with them past their time at Wakeland.