Mrs. Kim provides chemistry students with assurance


Josh McDaniel, Reporter

During the fall semester, chemistry students faced an abrupt change when their teacher left.

“I was a little worried because my chemistry teacher that I had for the whole first semester was now gone.  You get used to a teacher, so it’s kind [of]  worrisome to lose that teacher,” sophomore Trip Goodridge said.

In the classes following the teacher’s departure, students went through a few different substitute teachers before Mrs. Kim arrived.  

Different from the other substitute teachers, Mrs. Kim has a background in teaching science.  Mrs. Kim taught chemistry and physics at a private school in California before moving to Texas this year.

“We were really behind all of the other classes [when we had the other substitute teachers].  I [feel] that [Mrs.] Kim’s experience in teaching chemistry and physics in California is helping her [better] teach us,” sophomore Grace Bond said.

After falling behind students in other classes, the first quiz without their former teacher was a very stressful day for them.  Fortunately, this was also Mrs. Kim’s first day teaching the class.  

“Students were very stressed [and] I just wanted to make sure that they were at peace [and] in a good place: emotionally and mentally and academically,” Mrs. Kim said.

After having missed important lessons, it was very difficult to get the students back on pace with the other classes.

“I tried my best to help them.  I was here every day: all [of] lunch, [before school and after school] to tutor students,” Mrs. Kim said.

Mrs. Kim’s hard work has paid off, with many of her students’ grades improving.  

“[She] is always open to helping students and encouraging students to get better grades,” Goodridge said.  “I’ve noticed my grade [is] better in chemistry [than it was the first semester].”

Not only have students seen their grades improve, but they have also been able to connect with Mrs. Kim on a personal level.

“[She is] really, really cheerful and open to conversations about pretty much anything,” Goodridge said.

Mrs. Kim has also been able to connect with other teachers and administrators and not just students.  

“Mrs. Kim is a woman of honor, integrity, and professionalism and [has] a positive influence on her students and her peers,” science department chair Mrs. Toups said.

Making personal connections seems to be what Mrs. Kim values most.

“I just want to encourage [students]…I want to let them know that I see them and that they matter,” Mrs. Kim said.