Woman Behind the Camera


Passionate, supportive, dedicated. Ms. Wiemann, the woman behind Wakeland High School’s award-winning broadcast program, WIN-TV, serves as a beacon of encouragement and hope for students across campus.

“I guess I really did set the world on fire!” Ms. Wiemann said.

On the night she was born in Memphis, Tenn., her father recalls the scene outside of the hospital window. Fires burned throughout the city as the Memphis firefighters were on strike over a general mistrust of the city’s administration. From the day she was born onward, Ms. Wiemann was bound to make an impact on all around her.

After living in Tennessee until first grade, her family moved to Texarkana, Texas. She lived there throughout her childhood, taking dance for 15 years, perfecting styles such as ballet, tap, and jazz. She graduated from Texas High School where she was on the cheerleading squad. Following high school, she studied business administration and marketing at the University of Arizona and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Then, she continued her education at the University of North Texas and received a masters degree in business education. 

Currently, Ms. Wiemann teaches both audio/video production and photojournalism classes, as well as executive produces WIN-TV (Wakeland Information News Television). With working in various technology based courses, it is highly likely that several students will have or have had Ms. Wiemann as a teacher as every student must have a technology credit to graduate. Whether it’s for a one year technology credit or a four year career start-up, Ms. Wiemann puts faith in all of her students and provides them with endless encouragement in all of their endeavors.

“No one wants you to succeed more than [Ms. Wiemann] does!” said senior and WIN-TV anchor Hanna Brookshire.

Ms. Wiemann has taught Brookshire for the entirety of her WIN-TV career, not only positively impacting her work within the program, but overall helping her learn to think on her feet, stay calm, and find creative solutions. 

“Not only is she a really supportive and encouraging figure, but she manages to have genuine care and interest for each and every one of her students as well” said Brookshire.

Both current and former students of Ms. Wiemann can agree that this is evident, as she regularly checks on her students, providing them with an outlet for conversation if needed.

“She’s just a very personable teacher and very easy to talk to… she made me feel so comforted, and as a teacher that’s not something you can usually do,“ said former photojournalism student Ava Mattingly. “She made me feel like I could have good relationships with my teachers.”

Coming into her freshman year, Mattingly says she felt scared and intimidated, feeling like the “new kid”, unsure of what her teachers would be like and how they would treat her.

“Ms. Wiemann was one of my teachers that I knew I could go to and talk about anything with, she was always there for me” Mattingly said.

Ms. Wiemann’s attentive, caring personality not only helped Mattingly to better adapt to the transition into high school, but left a lasting impression on her, creating a bond between them that exists to this day despite no longer seeing each other in a class period.

With a never ending passion and dedication to both her work and students, Ms. Wiemann goes beyond just being the woman behind WIN-TV. Her ability to connect with and believe in any student, no matter if they are her student or not, truly sets her apart from others and provides hope to those that need it most.