Teacher of the Week: Ms. Mumford


It isn’t hard to notice all the new faces walking the halls of Wakeland High School this year, and that’s not just because of the larger freshmen class. Wakeland recently hired 35 new teachers for this school year. That is a tremendous change, so let’s do this new teacher a favor and give them a warm welcome to Wakeland. 

Introducing: Ms. Mumford. 

Most people retire to rest after years of work, but not everyone leaves retirement to continue what they love. Ms. Mumford came out of retirement on Wakeland’s first day of the 2022-23 school year to teach Advanced Pre-Calculus and AP Statistics. 

Everyone thinks about how great it is to retire but doesn’t think about what they would miss,”  Ms. Mumford said. 

Prior to her retirement, Ms. Mumford taught at Plano ISD for 17 years and then another 12 in Frisco ISD at Liberty High School. She has always taught math such as Algebra, Geometry, AP Statistics, and Pre-Calculus. To say she’s already a pro is an understatement. 

“It was weird to hear about my teacher being hired on the first day, but I really like the way she teaches. It’s really easy to understand,” junior Pre-Cal student Jessica Jones said. 

Ms. Mumford may have taken a four year break but students still love the way that she teaches. Pre-Cal and AP Stat are difficult subjects, but this year Ms. Mumford and her students have high hopes for success. 

“Teaching math and seeing students be successful is very gratifying!” Ms. Mumford said. 

Ms. Mumford and her students may have had a rocky start to the beginning of the year, but she is determined to see smooth sailing for the rest of the year.

Welcome to Wakeland Ms. Mumford!