Teacher of the Month


Faith Blount, Reporter

Teachers all around the world spend hours a day dedicating their time to their students ensuring they get the best education they can and the teachers at Wakeland High School aren’t any different. One teacher is doing an exceptional job though and that teacher is Mrs. Maxwell, one of the Chemistry teachers here at Wakeland.

Grace Maxwell is a new teacher here and previously taught at Lake Dallas High School and had switched schools in order to collaborate with more teachers in her subject. 

“It wasn’t the original plan, I actually wanted to be a pharmacist but I worked in a pharmacy and I really didn’t like it.” 

Growing up in Argyle, Texas, she intended to go to pharmacy school after majoring in chemistry but as learning, her love for chemistry grew which enticed her to keep her major, and with that, she became a teacher.

With a wide variety of hobbies, Mrs. Maxwell keeps busy when not teaching. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games, piano, and lifting weights but when looking for a movie to kick back and watch, classic horror movies are her favorite. 

While Mrs. Maxwell claims to be an open book there is one thing that is extremely impressive about her that most people don’t know.

 “I don’t say it enough anymore but I have a third-degree back belt in Tae Kwon Do,” Maxwell said. 

Tae Kwon Doe was a major part of her life growing up starting when she was seven and ending at the age of 23.

All of these interesting facts about her are what makes Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Maxwell! Frisco ISD is lucky to have her on staff as a chemistry teacher and never ceases to provide her students with an amazing education and help they could need.