Be True to Your School

The Impact of Cheering Fans on Player Performance.

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Be True to Your School

Landon Smith, WIN-TV Reporter

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Successful sports teams have teamwork, athleticism, and the will to win. Whether Wakeland High School athletes are on the turf at the Ford Center or on our own home court, you can count on our Wolverines to show up and voice their support. But does having a spirited crowd impact player performance?

“The atmosphere is completely different, it just feels like we’re being cheered on by the best people in the world, it just feels really good to have somebody backing you and just knowing that people are watching, i just feel like I play better too,” said Tej Kuruvilla, Wolverine Football Senior Center.

This infectious atmosphere is even noticed by the students. “The more people that are at games you just feel the atmosphere, so it’s a lot easier to play, and you know that there is a lot of people there to back you up and support you, there is not really any people there that you feel that nobody really cares. So you’re kind of just like doing it for your teammates or yourself,” said Blake Sedatole, Wakeland Sophomore.

“The school spirit at games encourages the players to succeed, and it’s a good motivating factor for them. It helps them know they have people behind them during the games,” Ayla Flanagan, Wakeland Senior.

Noise may be a distraction, but for Wakeland’s football players, the louder the crowd gets the better the team plays.

“The fans aren’t really ever a distraction, if anything, it’s always helpful. The louder you all are, the better it is for us,” said Garrett Field, Wolverine Football Senior Wide Receiver/Defensive Back. While many factors go into winning a game, a crowd on your side is an important piece to success. When fans show up, so does a great atmosphere, which inspires the players.


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