National Soccer Hall of Fame’s New Home on Main Street

Cameron Kwong-Murphy, Landen Smith, Jackson Waitley and Josh Webb, WIN-TV Reporters

As Frisco expands, a new landmark has been added to Main Street. The National Soccer Hall of Fame relocated from Oneonta, New York to continue the tradition of honoring the impact players of American Soccer.

The addition to Toyota stadium was part of a 55 million dollar renovation, that came from a partnership with FC Dallas, the City of Frisco, Frisco ISD, and the U.S. Soccer Federation. Along with being one of the newest sites in Frisco, the National Soccer Hall of Fame is the first major sports hall of fame to be built within a stadium.

The Hall of Fame offers tours that show the history of the sport and a brand new pro shop that offers a wide range of products. Take a walk through the past, present, and future of soccer at the National Soccer Hall of Fame.