FISD Girls Varsity Powerlifting Championships Results

David Schager, WIN-TV Reporter

On February 13th, the FISD Girls Varsity Powerlifting Championships were held at Centennial High School between four and six in the evening. Several schools in the district came to compete in four different categories: BWT, squat, bench press, and deadlift. It was an intimidating night, and overall, Wakeland earned a total six points with the help of several of our lady wolverines.

Celeste Novick came in with an overall total of 515 lbs, squatting a total of 195 lbs, bench pressing 105 lbs, deadlifting 215 lbs, and BWTing 112.7 lbs. Rachel Lambeth, on the other hand, came in with a total of 440 lbs. She squatted 175 lbs, bench pressed 75 lbs, dead lifted 190 lbs, and BWTed 158.6 lbs. Lastly, Carolina Sydor came in with an overall total of 445 lbs by squatting a 145 lbs, bench pressing 75 lbs, deadlifting 225 lbs, and BWTing 175.7 lbs.

In the end, Heritage came in first, Centennial in second, Memorial third, Independence fourth, Lone Star fifth, Reedy sixth, Liberty seventh, Frisco eighth, and Wakeland ninth. Despite the results, Wakeland showed up and delivered their best, making Wakeland proud. Good job Lady Wolverines.