Fighting their way to State

The Wakeland varsity girls soccer team is off to the State Championship!


Securing the Dub – The Lady Wolverines are crowned as Regional Champions, taking them to State.

Ashley Deckert, Editor-in-Chief

Pass, shoot, score! The Wakeland varsity girls’ soccer team is officially headed to the state championship in Georgetown, Texas.

After a hard fought battle against top teams Grapevine and Highland Park, Wakeland claimed the title of semi-final and regional champions. 

The day of the Highland Park game began with a rough start, as the team experienced a bus fire heading toward regional finals. 

“We were going up the bridge and our back tire caught on fire. A few people were freaking out, but then we got off safely. [We] waited on the highway for our next bus,” varsity player junior Sydney Deckert said.

“We panicked, got off the bus, made Tik Toks, and ate oranges,” varsity player junior Paria Zabihpour said.

In total, the game ended up being 100 minutes, with an additional hour and a half of rain delay.

The Lady Wolverines ended up going into overtime with a tied score of 1-1. In the last eight minutes of overtime, varsity player junior Mckenna Jenkins shot the winning goal leaving the score 2-1.

“[Scoring the winning goal felt] really exciting and stress relieving,” Jenkins said. 

Next stop was the semi-finals game against the third team in the region, Grapevine Mustangs. 

The Lady Wolverines had a difficult start as Grapevine scored the first two goals.

“We were all very upset and determined to go score some goals,” varsity player senior Natalie Cox said.

However, the girls did not give up and knew they had this game in the bag.

“I was a little hesitant, but I knew we had the rest of the game to come back. I had a feeling we could pull it off,” varsity player senior Faith Bell said.

Jenkins was able to score the first two goals, leaving the game tied. Varsity player senior Ally Perry scored the winning shot, leading the team to victory.

“[I was] pretty excited [we won], especially that we came back from getting scored on,” Deckert said.

The girls are now off to compete in the state finals games and have their thoughts on the outcome of the game.

“It’s going to be a very tough game, but we are excited and ready to give it our all,” Cox said. 

“I’m super excited. I feel we are all focused and ready to go,” Jenkins said.

“We just need to go out and play like we have been and not get in our heads,” Bell said. 

From soccer drills to film, the team has put in their best effort to prepare for the state game.

“We have watched film and [we] are constantly competing at practice to make each other better,” Deckert said.

The girls have come so far and they are not going down without a fight.

The Lady Wolverines face off Dripping Springs in Georgetown at 2:00 p.m. and tickets are $20. Make sure to come down and support your fellow Wakeland Wolverines.