Making History

Wakeland beats Highland Park High School in the second round of Playoffs with a score of 29-28.


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For the First Time – Wakeland’s Varsity Football team is crowned as Area Champions for the first time in all of Wolverine football history. “I feel this win is going to give our team a lot of confidence. We know we’re a talented squad and beating a team like Highland Park really proved that,” senior Carson Point said. The Wolverines will be making their way to the next round of Playoffs.

Ashley Deckert and Paris Bashlor, Editors-in-Chief

For the first time in Wolverine football history, Wakeland was crowned as Area Champions. 

The Wakeland Wolverines, ranked 12th in the Texas Division 5A-1, make history beating the second ranked team, Highland Park, in the second round of Playoffs.

In 2019, Highland Park knocked Wakeland out of the Playoffs when they beat the Wolverines 33-10.

Knowing Highland Park was a tough opponent to go up against, Wakeland didn’t know what to expect from this game. 

“The energy of the game was mixed emotions throughout everyone. We were all scared that we were going to get beat out at the beginning. Our defense was playing amazing and we were hanging in there. Once we had the first touchdown, we knew we had a chance,” varsity cheerleader captain senior Emree Nagurney said. 

As everyone was filled with excitement, they brought their energy to the stadium. 

“The game was electric. Hearing the sidelines and the stands being loud all game was the greatest feeling,” senior receiver and safety Davion Woolen said. 

Not only did the players bring their all, but so did the crowd as they cheered for their Wolverines. 

“The crowd’s energy was very excited and hyped throughout the game as Wakeland was sticking with Highland Park with solid defense and good offensive plays. Everyone in the crowd was jumping around and chanting throughout the game and a lot of people lost their voices,” junior Kaitlyn Davis said. 

Highland Park has won the title of State Champions three years in a row from 2017-2019, with 8 state championship wins overall. 

In the history of Wakeland High School football, the Wolverines have never beat Highland Park. 

“This win is huge for the team and everyone that was there watching. For Wakeland football to beat HP for the first time ever is huge,” junior tight end Tripp Riordan said.

The big game determined whether this would be the last game of the season, putting it all on the line. For the seniors on the team, it would’ve been the last game of their high school career. 

“I was a tad bit nervous because we knew Highland Park was a great team and it was going to be a lot to beat them,” senior linebacker Carson Point said.

“I was a little nervous knowing that could have been my last high school game,” senior quarterback Will Schrotenboer said.

While some players were nervous, others knew that this was their time to prove everyone wrong. 

“It’s just another game [you] gotta play [your best],” senior running back Jared White said.

In the fourth quarter, the teams were tied with a score of 21-21. 

“Towards the end of the game, it was even getting hard to cheer because we were so invested in the game and what was going on,” Nagurney said. 

With a final score of 29-28, Wakeland made a shocking comeback with an extra two-point conversion in the fourth quarter.

“It felt great to make history! This is the best Wakeland team there has been,” White said. 

As the Wolverines were crowned Area Champions, the crowd stormed the field and celebrated the team making history. 

“At the end of the game, the whole student section jumped on the field and celebrated with the players. It was very exciting to beat Highland Park, especially in the last minute when the team went for the additional two points rather than one. The game kept the crowd on the edge of their seats, so it was very exciting when we got those two points,” Davis said. 

The victory brought the school together, unifying students and players as they celebrated together on the field. 

“It felt great to be out there on the field and celebrate with the players. Each and everyone of them played their hearts out. All the players crying tears of joy will be a memory I’ll never forget,” senior Ryan Yarbrough said. 

Defeating Highland Park has not only been a momentous victory for Wakeland, but it has also proven that anything can happen.

“I feel like it really shows that anything is possible and that the team this year has something to prove,” sophomore Krue Lowe said. 

The crowd went wild at the sight of our newly crowned Wolverine champions against the Scots.

The atmosphere at the game was one of the best. It felt like we had all just witnessed a miracle. In a weird way, it had created a sense of family. When we all rushed the field, it felt like we were all together as one. It was the best feeling in the world,” senior Leah Fogle said.

The Wolverines have worked day and night to prepare for the game of the century and it finally paid off.

“This win meant so much to me. My sophomore year we lost to Highland Park in the playoffs and now it was time to return the favor to them,” Woolen said.

However, for our senior players their journey is not over yet.

“For all the seniors, it’s a dream come true because this is what we’ve worked so hard for,” White said. 

 “This senior class is an incredible group of guys, and to do it all together is really special,” Point said.

With a secured win against Highland Park, the Wolverines have officially made it past round two and are off to round three next week.

“Beating Highland Park is something a lot of people don’t quite understand. They are one of the most highest ranked teams in Texas. Beating them was just insane and the fight all the boys put in and the energy of the crowd was absolutely unreal,” Nagurney said. 

With Lone Star High School, Liberty High School, and Frisco High School, Wakeland is the only Frisco ISD school that is advancing to the next round of Playoffs. 

On Fri. Nov. 26, the Wolverines will be playing College Station High School at 2 p.m. at the Tiger Stadium in Corsicana, Tx for the Regional Semi-Finals.