Leading the Charge

Faith Blount

Strohs’ size made it apparent to his friends, family, and coaches that he would be a natural at the game of football. Who is Connor Stroh you ask? He’s Wakeland High’s offensive tackle and will play for University of Texas next fall.

He started playing football when he was in the seventh grade and has grown as a player over the years.  Despite being out 10 months with injuries and a surgery last year, Stroh was able to overcome and be successful. 

“I believe that overcoming these injuries has made me become a better player and has improved my skills,” Stroh said.

This year Stroh stepped into a leadership role that he felt “will allow me to continue to grow as a player and also contribute to my team’s success.”  

“My best memory of football was beating Highland Park. It was definitely the best memory I had,” he said.

“I have been playing football with Stroh since seventh grade and have watched him grow and improve his skills over the years and I am excited for him,”  his good friend Caden Forst with a smile across his face.

With more than 18 offers from universities around Texas and surrounding states, Stroh chose the University of Texas football program.  Despite a family full of Aggies, Stroh weighed all his options and knew in his heart that UT was the right fit for him. 

Stroh is excited for his future, attending college, and especially playing football.  Stroh will major in business. Ultimately, his dream is to play for the NFL. From Wakeland to UT and a promising future, big things are in store for this Wakeland football player.