Once a Coach, Always a Coach


Athletic programs change from year to year for tons of reasons. Players come and go, and so do coaches. But this coach is sure to stick around. 

Coach Frare has been the assistant softball coach for Wakeland in years past, but this year she is rising to the head coaching position. 

“I want to build a consistency within the program, playing with consistency and having the mentality of wanting to win and continue that winning legacy Wakeland has always had,” Frare said.

Starting out the season with a new coach can through players off and alter the typical routine they had followed. Coach Frare already knows the majority of the players thanks to her time as an assistant coach, so this season is sure to start strong and continue that winning streak with their connection.

“Becoming the head coach you take on a lot more roles, some you anticipate and some you don’t but I’ve tried to take things little by little to manage it all,” Frare said.

Taking on a head coaching position can be stressful, but Frare has it covered. She is dedicated to seeing this program perform to the best of its ability. That dedication paired with her clear compassion for the team and the sport only ensures the success of Wakeland softball.

“Getting full control is a lot more responsibility, but overall its been a blessing and a privilege to have this opportunity,” Frare said. 

Coach Frare has proved her dedication to the softball team even when she was the assistant coach. Now as the head coach, we cannot wait to see her coach the team to victory throughout this upcoming season!